Welcome to our new wedding collection. 

We’re constantly seeking out new designs, papers and processes, expanding our collections and adding to our knowledge. 

Well, having expanded our paper collection, tested and introduced new processes, and spent a lot of time talking to designers about selecting paper, we’re delighted to present a co


Graphic artist, Stacy Pancake is the Creative Director behind Pancake and Franks; her interest in design is inspired by a rich lineage of Russian artists and her childhood environment of the Sonoran Desert.

In 1989 Pancake moved from Paradise Valley, Arizona to San Francisco, California, and attended the University of San Francisco for an undergraduate degree in Psychology and continued studies at the University of California, Berkeley for Graphic Art and Design. 

It was here that Pancake's creative endeavors were applied to wedding invitations and greeting cards. The combination of city style and her desert roots would become Pancake & Franks in 2002. 

Pancake's departure from conventional images, and the luster imparted by the authentic craftsmanship of the letterpress printing technique is her testament to the importance of sustaining the tradition of written communication during the Internet Revolution. 

Pancake's design approach is correlative to how she references the desert. It follows a subjectively unknown natural pattern as seen in Arizona's local habitat of the Saguaro-studded mountains.The complexity of the desert is so refined to simplicity much like Pancake's design aesthetic.   

Pancake's eye for detail, the elegant austerity of her line work, her fascination with the type of refinement that speaks for itself is best encapsulated by the Japanese concept of Shibui – simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty.

Photographer: Lenny Gonzalez