Step 1.  Design & Layout

Eight wedding design layouts. All suites offer a save the date, two invitation options, reply card, menu, thank you card, escort card and envelopes. 


––  Made to LOVE.


No. I.  –––  VIEW +

No. V.   –––   VIEW +

No. II.  –––  VIEW +

No. VI.  –––  VIEW +

No. III.  –––  VIEW +

No. VII.  –––  VIEW +

No. IV.  –––  VIEW +

No. VIII.  –––  VIEW +



2016 – Look Book

The number eight, octa-/oct-, octal, VIII, η, ahta, æhta, is considered to be a lucky number. The infinity symbol ∞, described as a "sideways figure eight"; represents the limitless of space and time. In numerology, 8 is the number of building.