The Process



01.  Creative

Choose a design from our wedding collection along with paper color, printing treatment, envelopes and a la carte add-ons such as embossing and return labels.  

If you prefer a custom wedding invitation design, we will schedule a consultation with you to explore your ideas and inspiration together. We understand all projects are not one formula and that each client is unique.  

02.   Order Form

After you have made your selects and/or we have had a consultation regarding your ideas, time line, and budget we kindly ask you to complete our order form so we can provide you a cost estimate.  ➸ ORDER FORM

03. –– Estimate & Contract

Upon receipt of your order form we will in turn provide you a cost estimate. It can take us up to 4-6 business days to research pricing for you. Your estimate will be embedded in our contract along with the design, printing and delivery dates. When we have your signed contract and deposit in hand we will require you to complete our content form. This form will collect all the details and information for your printed wedding collateral. We are available to assist you with wording and invitation etiquette. 

04.  Design

The design stage can take 7-10 days depending on the extent of the revisions. Within contract there are three allowable revisions. Upon signed approval of the final design the digital art files will go to press.  

05.   Printing & Delivery

Printing time is between 2-3 weeks depending on how many revisions, printed pieces, and colors in your wedding suite. When your order is complete and ready for shipment, the remaining balance is required to be paid in full before we provide delivery. We accept all major credit cards and pre-paid personal checks.