01.   ––  Review Content

02.   ––  Design Dept. Creates Design I.

03.   ––  Collaborative (3) Revisions

04.   ––  Finalize Design

05.   ––  Provide Proof for Approval

06.   ––  Pass Files on to Production


01.   ––  Print Production

02.   ––  Pack Order

03.   ––  Ship Order

04.   ––  Signature Required

Select your color palette; design layout; printing treatment; and envelopes. Please prepare your content ahead of time because you will be prompted to fill out an Order Form before your items go in the shopping cart. When we receive your order, we will review your content and, we will be in touch within 2-4 business days once we have reviewed all of your content.


Our design studio will apply your wedding details to your selections. Once the initial layout is complete, our collaboration begins. We will pass the designs onto you for feedback. We will continue this process for three allowable revisions (see Terms/Conditions page for details). Once the design work is to your satisfaction we will send you a final digital proof that will require your signature to release the artwork to go to print. This process can take between 10-15 business days depending on the contents, items and revisions.


Printing time is typically 15 -30 business days however, we reserve the right to need more time depending on how many printed pieces you have ordered, quantities, and the number of colors in your wedding suite. When your order is complete and ready for shipment, we will notify you with a tracking number. All orders will be shipped requiring a signed signature.

If you prefer a custom wedding invitation, we are available for consultations. We understand all projects are not one formula and that each client is unique. During the consultation we will discuss your ideas, inspiration, time line and budget.